Agricultural Spraying

Using helicopters as pest and weed control is a time efficient and cost effective solution it allows those tricky to reach spots that ground crews and fixed wing are not able to access. The helicopter is able to fly low to the ground causing a downdraft of the rotor blades which pushes the chemical onto and between crops reducing the risk of drift and improving the success of the application. The helicopter can spray chemical without causing damage to land or crops.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial Surveying is a method of collecting geomatics or other imagery. By utilisation of a helicopter, access is possible to areas that are not accessible by foot or road.

Animal Control

Culling programs can be implemented utilising helicopters to provide effective animal population control measures. We offer skilled pilots to ensure increased time and cost effectiveness.

Fertiliser Application or Top Dressing

Our aircraft are specially designed for aerial application of fertiliser. Our equipment is purpose-built for even application of fertiliser, and we can cover large areas quickly. Fertiliser can be delivered into controlled areas so there is no loss of product, no noxious weed transfer, and no wheel tracks or compaction of ground.