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Aerial Services

SGE Helicopters are in business to provide quality assured, dependable air work and utility services to our customers, along with numerous related specialist services including:

  • Agricultural spraying of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • Granula spreading
  • Seed spreading
  • Crop protection including cherry drying, frost control and vineyard support
  • Surveying
  • Precision lifting
  • Land management

We pride ourselves on efficient, effective and convenient services offering the latest in technologies and equipment ensuring the most cost effective methods of aerial agriculture along with other air work services. Our team guarantee the provision of the highest quality services both in the air and on the ground.

Agricultural Spraying

Helicopters are by far the most effective and efficient method of pest and weed control. The manoeuvrability of the helicopter combined with our highly skilled and experienced pilots, allows for coverage and accessibility that ground rigs and fixed wing aircraft can not access. Our helicopter is able to fly low to the ground causing a downdraft of the rotor blades, pushing the chemical onto and between crops reducing the risk of drift and improving the success of the application. Our specialised spray equipment allows the chemical to be applied with precision by calibrating the flow control valves for variable-rate applications. The helicopter is then able to efficiently apply without causing damage to land or crops and has the ability to service tedious locations with ease.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveying is a method of collecting geomatics or other imagery. By utilisation of a helicopter, access is possible to areas that are not accessible on foot or via road.

Animal Control

Culling programs can be implemented utilising helicopters to provide effective animal population control measures. We offer skilled pilots and commercial shooters to ensure increased time and cost effectiveness.

Granula and Fertiliser Application

Our helicopter is specially designed for the aerial application of fertiliser and other granula products. Our equipment is purpose built for even and fast application and has the ability cover large and vast locations.
Our 800LT fertiliser bucket is slung from the base of the aircraft and is reloaded by our highly experienced ground crew via forklift. Fertiliser and seed can be delivered into controlled areas reducing loss of product and reducing noxious weed transfer with no wheel tracks or ground compaction.

SGE Helicopters

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