About Us

SGE Helicopters is a family-run business offering friendly and reliable service. We provide aerial agriculture services at competitive prices with highly experience pilot and staff.

Our aim is to effectively and efficiently cover more ground in less time with NO damage to your fields/crops. Given your ever-changing soil conditions, concern over fields too wet to drive on or time-sensitive applications imperative to your crop’s yield and your livelihood; the unique characteristics of the helicopter can achieve these goals seamlessly.

Chief Pilot Stuart Hall

Our Chief Pilot Stuart Hall is a highly experienced pilot with over 10 years and 5,000 hours of flight time. He is accredited by AAAA (Aerial Application Association of Australia Ltd.), is certified with a agricultural aircraft operations licence and a pilot (chemical rating) licence state spray licences.

Stuart has worked in various areas including:

  • Victoria and NSW as an Ag pilot and in fire fighting applications
  • Western Australia on aerial surveying duties and slinging heavy machinery for the mining industry
  • Papua New Guinea slinging large machinery and equipment for the mining industry, often in difficult terrain and weather conditions.

Ground Support

Our professional ground crew provide onsite support for aerial operations including:

  • On-site mixing and provisioning of chemicals – Onsite refuelling for faster service at lower cost
  • Our load truck is Dangerous Goods certified
  • Our loader driver is qualified with chemical accreditation or a Chemcert and is Dangerous Goods certified.
  • Real-time meteorological systems are attached to the truck to reduce the risk of drift and allow us to document weather conditions.

GPS Mapping

GPS mapping allows us to track our position (using Tracmaps) and record where we have sprayed we can then provide it to our customers. Specialised spray equipment allows the chemical to be applied with precision by being able to calibrate the flow control valves for variable-rate applications

Our Philosophy

With the human population growing every minute, it’s essential that farms produce high yield crops to feed the world. To do this they have to maximize their per-hectare yield and continually come up with new high-tech ways to combat weeds, insects, plant disease and funguses. All of this needs to be done while maintaining good soil health and providing plants with the nourishments they need to produce at the highest level possible.

To obtain the required crop production levels needed, the use of pesticides such as insecticides and herbicides are imperative and cannot be avoided in most environments. Aerially applying these products provides superior coverage versus ground based application thus decreasing the amount of chemicals needed. Aerial application can be done without workers in the field, greatly reducing the human exposure while doing more in one hour than can be done in a day from the ground

Founder Stuart Hall and all of SGE Helicopters’ employees share a common commitment to their industry by going above and beyond expectations when it comes to Safety, Quality and Customer Service. Everyone at SGE feels safety is an attitude and is an absolute must, not only for the success of SGE but for the industry as a whole.

SGE Helicopters’ commitment level is elevated beyond their client and industry needs and is passed on to the generally wellbeing of not only our environment but people of the world. SGE invests in state of the art application equipment, allowing them to accurately and efficiently apply the product needed while making as little negative impact to the environment as possible. By aerially applying pesticides and fertilizers farmers and forest management professionals are able to increase the per-hectare yield of our sustainable natural resources and food needed to feed the world. The use of GPS guided application systems ensures on target application protecting our wildlife and waterways.