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About us

SGE Helicopters was developed with a vision of supporting the agricultural sector to optimise productivity and increase overall yield for the farming industry in our region and beyond. Stuart derives from a farming background and brings a wealth of knowledge around stock breeding, land management and maintenance to the company. Now located in Barnawartha Victoria, Stuart and his young family operate SGE Helicopters and service a growing customer base.
SGE helicopters strive for excellence in all areas of our service and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and the provision of a cost effective and timely operation. We prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our employees and clients and are considered the best at what we do within our region. We provide aerial agriculture services at competitive prices with our highly experienced pilots, ground crew and staff.

Chief Pilot Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall, the Chief Pilot and Managing Director of SGE Helicopters has held a commercial helicopter license for over 16 years. While accruing almost 8000 flight hours, 8 years alone have been in aerial agriculture throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. To further compliment Stuart’s skills, he was previously employed for 7 years over in the mountainous terrain of Papua New Guinea flying in some of the harshest conditions in the world.
Stuart has extensive experience in a number of other areas including:

  • Survey flights
  • Animal control (baiting and culling)
  • Precision lifting utilising 300ft lines used to construct communication towers and heli-portable drill rigs at high altitude.
  • Firefighting operations including bombing, air attack and mapping flights.

Stuart is one of the most experienced and well respected pilots in the country when it comes to air work and utility flying and his passion for agriculture and farming have inspired the operations of SGE Helicopters.

Ground Support

Our professional ground crew provide onsite support for all aerial operations including:

  • On-site mixing and provisioning of chemicals
  • On-site refuelling for faster service at lower cost
  • Our load truck is Dangerous Goods Certified
  • Our ground crew are qualified with Chemical Accreditation, Chemcert and Dangerous Goods Certified.
  • Real-time meteorological systems are attached to the truck to reduce the risk of drift and allow us to document weather conditions.

Infrastructure and Other Support

SGE Helicopters are currently based in Barnawartha in North East Victoria and have remote bases across New South Wales and other parts of Victoria including Corryong, Cudgewa, Yea, Euroa, Geelong, Camperdown, Omeo and Tumut. SGE Helicopters currently employ highly trained ground crew. We operate Isuzu 4x4 trucks as support vehicles We also have our own portable re-fuelling systems. SGE Helicopters provide all consumables for the operation of all aircraft and ground machinery along with mobile refuelling if required.

GPS Tracmap Software

SGE utilise state of the art GPS Tracmapping software allowing us to track our position and the ground we have covered. Tracmap allows us the recored the informtaion and then provide it to our customers.

Our Philosophy

Stuart and the team at SGE Helicopters share a common commitment to the agricultural industry. When it comes to safety, customer service and quality control, SGE Helicopters strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction every time.
SGE Helicopters invest in state of the art application equipment and software, optimising precision and effectiveness and reducing product waste. We understand the seasonal nature of the agricultural sector and demonstrate versatility and adaptability depending on conditions and customer requirements.
We understand that the use of pesticides such as insecticides and herbicides are imperative to obtain the required crop production levels needed and are unavoidable in most environments. SGE Helicopters recognise the importance of quality control and place high value on reducing our environmental impact. Our team is dedicated to reducing our environmental foot print and opt to utilise biodegradable and environmentally friendly substances where at all possible both in the office and in the field .

SGE Helicopters

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